Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach

Regardless of the scale or type of project you require, we always deliver a first-class service. Client satisfaction is our primary goal. We set ourselves high standards for delivery timescale and quality of design. On completion of a project we gauge performance and try to identify any area that can be improved.

Meet – the client to discuss the project
Visit – identify the site opportunities
Record – project requirements

Analyse – the brief, the site and project drivers
Listen – to the client, end users and stakeholders
Learn – from previous projects and team experience

Create – ideas, concepts and options
Challenge – options, preconceptions and the belief
Test – potential solutions

Evolve – solutions in concept and detail
Present – evaluate and discuss
Agree – the way forward

Manage – the process and expectations
Control – the program and project output
Fulfil – the brief and client aspiration

Respecting the Community

At Cornerstone Architects, we have a belief in respecting the community. This ensures all our projects, whether residential, commercial or educational, have a positive impact on the lives of those who use them or live in the surrounding area. The goal is to always produce high quality architecture that works in harmony with the environment and landscape.

Although we set the bar very high, we always try to see things from all perspectives. Rather than imposing our ideas onto a client, we prefer to explore the possibilities together based on a response to the site, available budget and the client’s needs. Sketches, photo-rendering and 3D models give the client a visualisation of what the project will look at completion and can also lead to new ideas and possibilities.