Permitted Planning Development Portal

This interactive house planning portal will provide you with a walk-through of an extension or addition to your house. These kinds of projects are within permitted development, only if certain limits and conditions are met. With the help of this portal, those limits and conditions are easily outlined for your consideration, often only building control approvals are required.

Net Zero Emissions 2050

At Cornerstone Architects, the race to net zero emissions is very important to us. We’re very committed to more sustainable processes wherever possible. Over the next decade, we hope to see architects working together on this to make courageous adjustments to the profession and to drive the industry to the true net zero figure.

Climate Change Bill 2020

We are fully behind the recent Isle of Man bill on climate change, especially the construction of energy efficient buildings. As an island community , we all need to commit to reducing our emissions, so we can reach the net zero figure by 2050. We need to uphold the value of living in the world’s only entire jurisdiction that is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Achievement of Climate Targets

At Cornerstone Architects, we want to reduce emissions to as close to zero as possible. Any remaining greenhouse gases be balanced out by restoring forests or through direct air capture and storage (DACS) technology. Our goal to achieve here is to put the Isle of Man on the list of countries that are carbon free.

Riba Plan of Work 2020

The RIBA Plan of Work 2020 provides guidance on nearly seven years of feedback. The new focus has been added on the ‘sustainability project strategy’, where it was absent in the previous Plan of Works. RIBA President, Alan Jones, said these changes were made to ‘reflect the huge environmental and societal challenges we face -as a planet and as an industry’. At Cornerstone Architects, we agree to take on the challenge, and focus more on sustainable outcomes from the offset of any of our projects.

Types of Planning Application – A Guide for Applicants

Reference is often made to seeking ‘planning approval’. However, there are several different types of approval and different applications that can be made. This guide provides a summary of what each application is for, the common issues with each and where further information is available.